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Why add your space?

Increase your foot traffic

Make your space more discoverable, increase direct foot traffic to your space and access potential new members.

Add value to your community

Being a part of Skillmap means access to a curated pool of talented creators, all helping and collaborating with each other.

Understand your community

Get to know your members better so you can provide for them better. Get analytics on the local market.

Joining in 3 steps

Apply to join

We want to understand a little about your space to make sure it's a good fit for our members and global community. Once approved, you're set!

Discover the community

You'll be featured to all local Skillmappers and your members will able to discover each other, connect and collaborate through Skillmap.

Enjoy the benefits

Start welcoming new members via Skillmap, and your existing members will stay longer because they're getting more from their community.

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